Thursday, October 1, 2009

Healthy yummy lunch wraps

I've been making these for Mike's lunches and he really likes them cause their tasty and not PB&J's. I like the tortilla's cause they don't dry out like bread does.

Whole Wheat Tortilla's
Lite Cream Cheese
Shredded Carrot
Diced Onion (I prefer Green onion)
Deli sliced Chicken Breast
Mustard of Choice ex:Honey Mustard
Baby Spinach
Tooth picks

Method: Spread thin layer of cream cheese on Tortilla, (I sprinkle pepper and chili pwd. on the cream cheese for Mike) sprinkle onion down center of tortilla, sprinkle shredded carrot on entire tortilla, layer pepperoni in thin layer down center of tortilla, put chicken on top of pepperoni, spread mustard on chicken, place spinach on top and role tortilla. I use the Subway trick to role my wraps by using a knife to hold the fillings in place when I role it. If you're packing it for lunch I stick to tooth picks in it before I cut it to hold them together.

Note: I really like the Hickory Farms cranberry mustard but I only buy it at Christmas so I made my own the other day. Mix equal parts canned cranberry sauce and spicy brown mustard in a sauce pan over medium heat and mix till smooth. Mike suggested adding some horseradish. It was pretty good.

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