Monday, November 8, 2010

Pizza/Calzones/Baked Potatoes

What does Pizza, Baked Potatoes and Calzones have in common? Ingredients!!!! I made homemade Pizza the other night and felt kinda guilty at how much I spent. I justified it cause we were feeding the Missionaries but when I figured out what to make with the remaining junk I felt better:)

Shopping List
1 can olives
1 carton mushrooms
1 Lrg yellow onion
1 gr bell pepper
1 pkg pepperoni
mozzarella cheese
1 jar spaghetti sauce
Betty Crocker pizza crust (super cheap and work great for me)
Pillsbury ready made dough (in the roll canisters like the Biscuits and Crescent rolls)
Potatoes (we already had these as I'm sure most people do)

Divi up all ingredients between the Pizza, Baked Potatoes and Calzones (1 roll made 3 med ones, 2 for dinner and 1 for Mike's lunch. 375 for 14 minutes but watch them, we dipped the calzones in pizza sauce). Very nice!!!
Sat-Pizza, Sun-Potatoes, Mon-Calzones.

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