Thursday, March 11, 2010


I need a good recipe to make for 10 people. Something that is tasty and filling. ideas?


  1. You could make Cafe Rio pork (Em's recipe) and then turn it into Cafe Rio burritos or Cafe Rio salad, which is my favorite. I like tomatillio dressing with the salad

  2. I had another idea. Annie's favorite meal is Chicken Alfredo. We use Marci's recipe(Annie's friend). It is really good, but extremely rich (lots of butter and cream). It is wonderful with a spinach salad. I have lots of spinach salad recipes.

  3. I second the Cafe Rio Pork. Or crockpot alfredo over linguine. Or Chicken Posole. Basically, those are all crockpot meals, but they're easy, they make gallons, they're delicious, and they're not terribly expensive. Who are you feeding?